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This page is to help clinicians and researchers understand and discuss MTA.  MTA is a material that exceeds many other materials for endodontic purpose, however, there is a lack of educational material on how to use the material.  

About MTA

How to Use MTA

Refer to instructions for use - www.mtamix.com.au

What is mineral trioxide aggregate?

Mineral Trioxide Aggregate (MTA) which is made from combining 80% Portland Cement and 20% Bismuth Oxide, with the percentages calculated by weight as described by the Patent by Torabinejad.1

Three parts MTA powder is mixed with one part distilled water (by weight) as per manufacturer’s instructions. Further information about mixing MTA can be found by going to MTAmix website and by referring to the instructions found on the websites of the manufacturers angelus Directions for Use and Dentsply.

What is mineral trioxide aggregate used for?

Mineral trioxide aggregate can be used for endodontic infections and inflammation in humans and can be used for the following procedures: Apicoectomy, Apexification, Pulp capping, Pulpotomies, Pulp regeneration, Internal Repair of Iatrogenic Perforations, Repair of Resorption Perforations.